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Getting Started

Getting Started is Easy

Link Your Site

First of all, log in to your StoryBlaze Dashboard.

  • Go to Integration
  • Connect your favorite CMS like WordPress
  • Connect via REST API & done.
Play Video about StoryBlaze - WordPress Site Integration

Choose a Mode & Blaze On!

You will have 3 Modes:

  1. Scratch – create stories from scratch using our in-built no-code web story editor & schedule/export to various formats like PDF, MP4 or iFrame for embedding.
  2. AI Scraper РScrape or convert your old blog posts/articles into  stunning web stories using #AI.
  3. AI Story Generator – Enter any keywords or texts and our AI will generate a story from scratch. You can further customize it in the Editor.
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And the Result is...

Creating a Web Story takes a lot of time & effort, but not StoryBlaze!ūüĒ•


A Multifaceted Tool to Automate Your Web Stories

Creating a Web Story takes a lot of time & effort, but not StoryBlaze!

AI Story Generator

Generate captivating web stories by AI in 1 click

Post to Story

Transform any blog Posts into stunning web stories using AI

Keywords to Story

Turn Any Keywords into Engaging Web Stories using AI

Web Story Editor

Create, design & schedule your story to your site and social channels

Single Story Scraper

Effortlessly Scrape & publish a Web Story by URL

Bulk Story Scraper

Save Time and Scrape Bulk Stories with 1 time Set up

One Click Story Generator

Quickly Generate Web Stories with One Click & export to various formats

One Click Automation

Automate Your Scraping Process with One Click

Cloud-based Tool

Access Your Scraping Tool from Anywhere

AI Content Spinning

Automatically spin the scraped content using AI technology, making it unique and more readable.

100% User & SEO Friendly

Our tool ensures that the generated web stories are user-friendly and optimized for search engines, helping to boost your website’s rankings.

100% AMP Supported

The tool supports the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) framework, ensuring fast-loading, mobile-optimized web stories.

99% Uptime

Our tool is highly reliable and offers 99% uptime, ensuring you can use it whenever you need to without interruption.

99.9% Supported Sites

Our tool supports a wide range of websites, covering 99.9% of the sites you might want to scrape.

Valid Web Stories

The generated web stories adhere to the latest web story standards, ensuring that they are valid and can be published without any issues.

AI Text Translation

The tool supports automatic translation of scraped text using AI technology, helping to create web stories in multiple languages.

Multi Sites Linking

Connect multiple websites to the tool and scrape web stories from each one, giving you access to a wider range of content.

HQ Image Uploading

The tool supports uploading high-quality images, ensuring that your web stories look great and stand out from the crowd.

Email Notification Alert

Get email notifications when your scraped web stories are ready, ensuring that you never miss an important update.

Schedule Scraping

Schedule your web story scraping at a convenient time, allowing you to automate the process and focus on other tasks.

Community Support

Our tool has a dedicated community support team, ready to answer any questions you might have and provide assistance whenever needed.

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Powerful Integration

Enhance the performance of your web stories by ensuring with a simple integration with StoryBlaze.






Discover more exciting integrations coming your way on our Roadmap!


Result-driven Experiments

Without warm-up, we don’t get into the field

Use Cases

was made for

Content Creators

Effortlessly create engaging web stories with drag-and-drop tools

Marketing Agencies

Offer web stories as a unique value proposition to stand out in the marketing landscape

Brands & Businesses

Increase brand awareness and reach new customers through discoverable stories.

E-com Site Owner

Create shoppable stories featuring product recommendations and user-generated content to drive sales


Highlight unique offerings, showcase customer testimonials, and run targeted local promotions through engaging stories

News Journals

Deliver quick,  visually  engaging summaries  of breaking news events to  capture  audience attention through  web stories                 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is StoryBlaze?

StoryBlaze is an AI powered Web Story Creation & Automation  tool to generate and schedule web stories to WordPress site or Social channels.

What is story credit and is it recurring?

Story Credits are way to measure the usage of our AI tool. One story credit deducts for One successfully story published (Some premium add-on tools like Post to Story might charge more).  All story credits are recurring, and renews automatically every & each month.

Are stories AMP valid?

Yes, all stories are 100% AMP valid!

Does it allow to add CTA button on stories?

Yes, of course. You can add any URL in the CTA button field.

Does it support Google Adsense?

Yes, you can put your Google Adsense Pub code with Display ad slot code for displaying ads on stories.

Yes. In order to upload images and stories on your website, it’s required to link your website.

Go to your Dashboard => click on “Link WordPress” => fill the fields => click on “Link Web” & done!

Does this tool support all sites for Web Stories Scraping?

Our tool supports 99% of sites that uses Google Web stories plugin. You should check the source site URL format (domain.com/web-stories/) before scraping.

Where can I find your Knowledgebase?

Login to Your tool account “Dashboard”. In the left side, you’ll find the “Knowledgebase” under ‘Help & Support’ .

I want a Refund. How can I raise the same?

Deeply apologize for the inconvenience caused. We do not entertain any full or partial refunds after activating any plan on your account. If you face any issues, feel free to contact us.

How to contact your team?

Drop a mail at [email protected] or visit our contact us page.


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