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The Journey of StoryBlaze!

(From left: Ram Sahoo, co-Founder & CEO, to Right: Nimay Routh, co-Founder & CTO)
(Left: Ram Sahoo, & Right: Nimay Routh)

It all started with a spark!

As a small discussion between our co-founder & CEO, Ram Sahoo (from Anandapur, Odisha, India) & one of his friend over a phone call.

Countless hours of brain-storming, fueled by ambition and fueled by coffee, led him to our co-Founder & CTO, Nimay Routh , (from Jharia, West Bengal, India)  a tech wizard who could turn his vision into reality.

The journey wasn’t easy.

Starting a business is like diving headfirst into an unknown ocean – exhilarating, terrifying, and filled with unexpected waves.

But the StoryBlaze team was determined.

They assembled a crew of talented and passionate individuals, each driven by the belief that they could make a real impact.

The StoryBlaze team has grown to 5 passionate individuals, each contributing their unique talents to the storytelling revolution, & collaborating remotely to bring your stories to life.

Through late nights, countless revisions, and overcoming hurdle after hurdle, their creation finally bloomed: StoryBlaze, the #1 AI-powered web story automation & creation tool.

They launched with a mix of nervous excitement, and the response was electric. People loved the ease and creativity StoryBlaze offered, and soon, the user base skyrocketed.

The positive impact fueled their passion even further. Seeing how StoryBlaze empowered creators, boosted businesses, and even sparked joy in individuals, solidified their mission.

Today, StoryBlaze is thriving, constantly evolving, and reaching new heights.

And the team, forever grateful for the incredible community (over 1,500+ users already joined) that supports them, knows this is just the beginning of their story.


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