How to set up Link to Story tool?

Scrape web stories in just a min with “Link to Story” (earlier, it was New Scraper)



Quick Guide:

  • Go to “Link to Story”




  1. Select Single story or Bulk stories what you want to scrape (Quick Note: Bulk stories means a web page having a lof of web stories like Archive Stories.Ex: https://www.hindustantimes.com/web-stories/    .    A single story means a web page having only one story with detailed slides. Ex: https://https://www.hindustantimes.com/web-stories/nuts-and-seeds-for-healthy-oatmeal-bowls-_NLWi2Y9PsLLFXUw1imY)
  2. Input a source site story URL (Make sure the source site url format must be: https://example.com/web-stories for bulk stories & https://example.com/web-stories/single-story or https://example.com/amp/web-stories/single-story/ like this for single story)
  3. Set the slides selection (Ex: 9, 10, 15 etc)
  4. Put your CTA/swipe up Link (Ex: https://yoursiteurl.com)
  5. Put your CTA texts (Ex: Learn more, More Stories, Read more etc. )
  6. Add a Category Name (Ex: News, Tech, Sports etc)
  7. Choose the Text color (by default it’s white)
  8. Choose the Texts background color (by default it’s Black)
  9. Choose the Background opacity width 100% (by default it’s 90%)
  10.  Choose border style (by default it’s solid)
  11. Don’t change the border width (by default it’s 1)
  12. Select the current web stories plugin (by default, currently, it’s Google Web Stories)
  13. Select the Texts Language you want to translate (By default it’s English)
  14. Select Your desired site to which this web story will be published (By default the first linked site will be shown)
  15. Select the Export type (there’s only one: Direct post which is best)
  16. Choose the web story status to Publish.



Let’s take a Live example:


1. Scraping a Single Story

Source Site Story URL: https://www.hindustantimes.com/web-stories/nuts-and-seeds-for-healthy-oatmeal-bowls-_NLWi2Y9PsLLFXUw1imY



(During scraping, the images are being uploaded)


(Viewing the Scraped Story on Stories Dashboard – WordPress)


Result: https://minigo.in/web-stories/nuts-and-seeds-for-healthy-oatmeal-bowls/


Is the story valid or not?

Let’s check by adding #developement=1 at end of the story URL.


Is the story AMP valid or not?

Let’s check it via AMP tester tool: https://search.google.com/test/amp



Scraping Bulk Stories

Source site URL: https://www.hindustantimes.com/web-stories/

It’s complete similar to the Single Story scraping, but the difference is to choose “Bulk story” while setting up the scraper.


Hope it helps!

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