What is Story credit and how does it work?

Story Credits are the unit of measurement for StoryBlaze usage. Each Story Credit represents one published web story, regardless of the number of slides it contains. This means:

  • A web story with one slide uses one Story Credit.
  • A web story with ten slides also uses one Story Credit.
  • You can publish as many slides as you want per web story within your plan limitations.

Why use Story Credits?

Story Credits allow StoryBlaze to track your usage and ensure fair resource allocation for all users. Your plan tier determines the number of Story Credits you have available each month, or for the lifetime of your subscription.

Key points to remember:

  • Every published web story, regardless of length, consumes one Story Credit.
  • Story Credits don’t expire within your active subscription period.
  • Unused Story Credits from one month don’t carry over to the next.
  • Upgrading your plan gives you access to more Story Credits per month.
  • Downgrading your plan may result in losing unused Story Credits.

For detailed information on different plan tiers and their Story Credit allocations, please visit our [Pricing Page].


  • What happens if I run out of Story Credits?
    You can purchase additional Story Credits through your account settings.
  • Can I share Story Credits with other users?
    No, Story Credits are specific to your account and cannot be shared.
  • How can I track my Story Credit usage?
    You can monitor your remaining Story Credits within your account dashboard.


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